Air conditioning, freezing and refrigeration plants

Principal: Konvekta, Germany

Our status: service contract



  • Air conditioners for buses, working machines, other commercial vehicles, buses cabs,   locomotives, air conditioners for passenger trains from 4 to 40 KW.
  • Refrigerators and freezers plants for the transport of foodstuffs, cosmetics, flowers, medicines (from -20 °C to +10°C) for vans and trucks, capacity from 660 to 11.000 W. Vehicle motor driven 12 or 24 V, connection to an electrical network of 220 and 380 V in the combination of engine and electricity network, diesel-powered plants.

Our services:


  • installation of air conditioning, refrigerating and freezing plants.
  • selling spare parts
  • servicing air conditioners, freezing and refrigeration plants

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