Air conditioners, heaters
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Air conditioning, freezing and refrigeration plants  Read more 


Air conditioning, freezing and refrigeration plants  Read more 


Air conditioning and heaters
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Gas heaters, water gas heaters and air conditioning   Read more 


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Installation - service - sales- representation:

  • Air conditioning for trains, buses, passenger cars, working machines, watercrafts, campers, caravans
  • Transport and stable refrigeration plants
  • Heaters for vehicles, trains, watercrafts, working machines, campers, caravans
  • Insulated bodies and manufacture of refrigerating and freezing chambers on vehicles
  • Air conditioners and refrigerators custom

Our company Prebil d.o.o. amongs the smaller service companies, but in a market with this program, which was partially changed, for over 50 years. Our clients come from the former common state to, because we have been in this country during one of not the few of these kind services. Our clients come from all other countries of Europe, which at the time of transit through Slovenia need our help.

The specifics of the course of our business in our work we use only the original components and parts purchased in Germany, Italy, Austria and elsewhere because such production is not with us. Employees regularly upgrade their skills and gain certifications from companies (principals) we are cooperating with, as it is in such rapid progress in the present technique is a basic need of providing quality services.