Principal: Gea - Bock, Germany

Our status: agent



  • FK series compressors: K, N ( R407Cc R134a) for air conditioning of buses, locomotives and passenger trains
  • TK series compressors (R404a,R507, R22)
  • series semi-hermetic compressors HG (HA) ( R22, R404a)
  • open type compressors F (NH3)for stable cooling
  • electromagnetic clutches for compressors
  • condenser unit with a compressor for refrigeration and freezing systems

Our services:


  • installation of compressors, electromagnetic clutches and condenser units for air conditioning and refrigeration- freezing systems
  • selling compressors, electromagnetic clutches, condening units and spare parts
  • servicing of electromagnetic clutches and condening units for refrigeration systems, including the warranty period

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