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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Eberspächer - Sütrak air conditioning

Principal: Eberspächer-Sütrak, Germany

Our status: agent

Program: bus air conditioning capacity from 3.5 to 44 KW


Our services:

  • assembly area (installation)
  • selling air conditioners and spare parts
  • servicing of air conditioning systems, including during the warranty period

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Eberspächer heaters


Principal: Eberspächer, Austria

Our status: agent


water and air heaters from 2.2 to 35 KW heating buses, commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, machinery, trains, ships, performed in 12/24 and 220 V, fuel diesel or gasolin

air-conditioning system for truck cabs Cooltronic 12/24 V (without engine)


Our services:

  • assembly area (installation)
  • selling heaters and spare parts
  • servicing heaters, including during the warranty period

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Prebil d.o.o. | Transportno gretje, klimatizacija in hlajenje


Podjetje Prebil d.o.o., je odprlo prenovljeno spletno stran, kjer smo bolj nazorno predstavili zastopstva in storitve našega podjetja....

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Prebil d.o.o.

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